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Cookie statement Privacy Company B.V.

(Version 23-08-2018)


We are Privacy Company from The Hague, Netherlands. We can be reached via You can call us via 070-8209690, but you can also send mail to Privacy Company B.V., PO Box 95315, 2509 CH The Hague.

This statement is about our cookies and similar technologies. The cookies we use are analytical cookies with a limited intrusion on the privacy of our website visitors. We use these cookies to show our demo of e-learning, to analyze and to improve the use of the website. Because of this limited intrusion into your privacy, we are not obliged to ask for your permission via a cookie notification.

To ensure that cookies have a limited intrusion into privacy, we have taken several protective measures. Think for example of removing the last two octets of the IP address when analyzing the use of our website.

Cookies are only stored for a limited period. Often this is limited to the duration of the session.

For more information about the type of cookies, the specific functions they perform, the parties that place these cookies, and the retention periods, please read the full cookie statement.

Cookies used

In order to inform you about the cookies we use, we give you an overview of the different cookies and the function these cookies perform.

Demo e-learning

To give you an idea of what our e-learning system looks like, we have made a demo movie. This demo movie can be seen via an embedded link on our e-learning page. In order to play this video, we use Vimeo. The Vimeo player places a first-party session cookie which is essential for the playback of the video. This session cookie is only needed for video playback and therefore expires automatically after one day. Vimeo cannot view our website and does not place any other (tracking) cookies of itself or third parties.

Analyzing the website

To analyze and improve the use of our website and how visitors have come to our website, we place analytical cookies on your device. For this we use Matomo (formerly known as Piwik). This is the most privacy friendly analysis tool currently available. The software creates visitor statistics based on these cookies. We do not share these statistics with third parties. Because the software only runs on our own web server, and does not connect to Matomo's servers, Matomo cannot watch your visit to our website.

What exactly happens during the website analysis?

When you visit our website for the first time, the software will see your IP address. Your IP address will then be marked ('visitor A1' for example). This so that the IP address when visiting a next page or a subsequent visit can still be recognized by that feature. We will then anonymise the IP address itself. Doing so, you can no longer be traced back to the IP address. This is a measure that ensures that, on the one hand, your privacy is better protected and, on the other hand, that we are still able to 'count' unique visitors.

By means of the website analysis, we collect the following data, linked to the anonymised IP address (/our characteristic):

  • city & country (of the IP address),
  • Browser type (Firefox, Chrome, Explorere, Safari etc),
  • Operating system (Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc.)
  • The presence of plugins (such as Acrobat or Flash Player),
  • Pages visited, how long the visit lasted and when they were visited.
  • Used links to access our website ('refferrers').
  • Used links on our website that refer to external websites.
  • Downloaded files.
  • Other information, such as screen resolution and website speed. This is in order to be able to show the website properly on both mobile phones and laptops and to be able to optimise the website if it does not work fast enough.

Privacy measures

To protect your privacy, we have taken the following privacy protection measures. With regard to the website analysis by means of Matomo (Piwik), for example, we have taken the following measures: Before we have the IP addresses saved in the software, we have the last two octets of each IP address deleted (so we only see the following: We get one octet more from it than Google Analytics does when they conclude a processor's agreement there. In the case of the privacy-friendly variant of Google Analytics, it can still be traced back to a group of max. 256 computers (at IPV4), with which it is still a personal data according to the Authority Personal Data.

Because the impact of our analytical cookies on our website on your privacy is very limited, you do not have to give permission for this.

Do Not Track

If you do not want us to place cookies on your device, we recommend that you enable the Do Not Track feature in your browser. Our Matomo software will not place cookies. For more information about Do Not Track and how to turn it on in your browser, see the website of: All About Do Not Track. However, this is only a signal. Whether the receiving websites listen to that signal is questionable. We do. However, if you want to make sure that cookies are blocked, you can also set this via your browser settings. For low-threshold manual videos by browser type, see:

Change of cookie statement

We may change our cookie statement. If so, we will make an announcement of this change on our website. If we want to substantially change the purposes of the processing, and the processing is based on your consent, we will first ask you again for consent for those new purposes. The old version of our cookie statement can be found here.

Our contact details

Questions about this cookie statement or about our services may be directed to By post we can be reached as follows: Privacy Company B.V. Maanweg 174, 2516 AB, The Hague. We can be reached by telephone on the number: 070-8209690. If you wish to make use of one or more of your rights, you can contact us via all these means.