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Privacy Company is committed to data protection. Not only in our daily consultancy work and with our software. But also by making a contribution to society. For example, by speaking at events and by sharing our knowledge in blogs. And also with larger projects. Such as the privacy legislation booklet, the Privacy Design framework, Privacy Designer and Privacy Label.

Not everything we start needs to be a success. Sometimes you just have to try something. We believe that it works.

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Together, SURF and Privacy Company have developed the web app Privacy Designer for SMEs,associations and non-profit organizations. With the app you can easily identify privacy risks. The app is co-financed by the SIDN Fund and can be used free ofcharge. The Privacy Designer won the Dutch Privacy Award 2019.

Based on the Privacy Designer, Privacy Company developed the board game Privacy Designer: the Game. With this interactive board game you can work as a team on Privacy by Design issues. It offers the opportunity for reflection on the current way of working and points of departure for improvements in the future.

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Privacy by Design Framework

The Privacy by Design framework is a framework that is used as a practical tool by organizations to design Privacy by Design in new processes and services, and with which the basic information can be obtained to show how an organization is compliant. If you want Privacy by Design to be clear at a glance, please use our Privacy by Design Framework.

The development of this framework has been made with the contribution of SIDN Fund. Published under creative commons 4.0 Attribution-NoDerivs, CC BY-ND license.

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Privacy by Design framework

GDPR Pocket Guide

This pocket guide presents European privacy regulation, with its main focus on the GDPR. It introduces European courts, includes the recitals, provides factsheets and has a convenient index. Captain Privacy explains the seven biggest misunderstandings of the GDPR, summarises each article in a tweet, highlights important sections and refers to fines. As such, Captain Privacy makes the GDPR easily accessible without overlooking its details.

This pocket guide is an updated, international version of our 2016 edition. It is widely used by privacy professionals, who have praised it for its convenience as reference material for day-to-day work. This updated version is indispensable for privacy professionals and those who are interested in the field.

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