External practical privacy support

Each organisation safeguards privacy in its own way. This can be done internally or externally. For organisations that like to outsource privacy or have a temporary shortage of privacy experts, Privacy Company offers the possibility for extra help.

Our team consists of privacy professionals with various backgrounds. Generalists or specialists are ready to support you when it comes to substantive privacy knowledge. We also offer sector specific expertise. In addition to our own Privacy Company team, we work with a team of independent privacy professionals. Depending on your specific needs, we will select the expert that suits your organisation.

Our privacy professionals are also called Privacy Heroes, because they understand privacy like no other.

Experienced privacy expertise

Our Privacy Hero is the point of contact for the management and employees within the organisation and helps to increase privacy awareness. The Privacy Hero is also the point of contact for external contacts such as customers, suppliers, and the privacy regulator (such as the Data Protection Authority).

In the context of the continuous change in privacy laws and regulations, our Privacy Hero ensures compliance. As a result it is always clear what an organisation must be aware of and comply with. He or she advises the management on all privacy related obligations. The Privacy Hero informs employees about the applicable obligations, monitors legal compliance, organises audits and advises, and monitors data protection impact assessments.

Our Privacy Hero shares knowledge for training sessions of employees, and has the privacy knowledge to support all employees at different levels.

DPO as a service

For many organisations, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is mandatory. Appointing a DPO is possible both as an employee and as an external expert.

The DPO has a formal, independent, supervisory role. The DPO supervises compliance with the GDPR and related laws and regulations within an organisation. In a way, the DPO is an extension of the Data Protection Authority (DPA). If necessary, the DPO is the one who contacts the DPA.

The supervisory task requires the DPO to be independent. This means that the function cannot be combined with a function in which decisions are made about data processing or product development. Only one person can be registered as such in the register of DPOs. It may be advisable to have the DPO supported by advisors (internal or external) – this will divide the workload and make it easier to fulfil the supervisory task.

Privacy Company offers DPO as a Service and supports the composition of the team that supports the DPO.

Your personal Privacy Hero

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