First Privacy Maturity Certificate issued to Transvision

June 19, 2018

On the 18th of June, Transvision B.V. in Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands, received the first Privacy Maturity Certificate by Privacy Company. Independent testing by auditors of Accoris Audit Services B.V. has shown that Transvision handles personal data responsibly. With the quality mark, Transvision can now also make this visible to its customers and suppliers and distinguish itself in the area of privacy.

As a national supplier of passenger transport, Transvision processes a lot of personal data, for example in the context of business transport or patient transport. Responsible handling of customer data is important to Transvision. Karin Sterk, Privacy Officer at Transvision: "Our customers rely on our services and we therefore consider it very important that we treat our customers' data confidentially. With the Privacy Maturity Certificate, Transvision proves that the handling of personal data within the organisation is in order." The assessment for the Privacy Maturity Certificate has been carried out by independent auditors of Accoris Audit Services B.V., who are registered in the register of NOREA, the professional organisation of IT auditors.


With the Privacy Maturity Certificate, organisations demonstrate that they take the privacy of their customers, suppliers and employees seriously and that their handling of personal data is in order. It is now easy for those involved to see that their personal data is in good hands with these organisations. The assessment for the Privacy Maturity Certificate looks at the entire organisation and not only at a specific processing. The quality mark demonstrates the maturity level of the organisation in terms of privacy, and can therefore be part of demonstrable compliance. The assessment model has been drawn up by a professional platform of privacy experts, attached to the Centre for Information Security and Government Privacy Protection, and is widely accepted in the market. Karin: "We have worked hard as an organisation to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It was quite exciting to have the maturity of this tested by an independent party. We are proud to be able to show the outside world that our privacy policy is in order."