Privacy Nexus January Update: new module and extended features

January 31, 2019

Privacy Nexus is an easy-to-use data protection management software that helps companies make data protection efficient and simple. Our Software-as-a-Service (Saas) is continuously developed and improved by our in-house developers. In January, we unlocked the following features:

Privacy Scan              

As you may already have seen, there is a new module available in Privacy Nexus: the Privacy Scan! Use the Privacy Scan to quickly find out if your organization meets the most important obligations of the GDPR.


The Privacy Scan helps you in three steps to get a good picture of the state of privacy compliance in your organization:

1. Organizational information

Fill in basic information about your organization. This information helps the Privacy Scan determine whether you must meet certain responsibilities from the GDPR (such as appointing a DPO).

2. Assessment

Answer simple questions about the progress of privacy compliance within your organization and explain where necessary. The questions concern different parts of GDPR implementation such as Documentation, Awareness and Procedures.

3. Reporting

The Privacy Scan automatically generates a report containing the questions asked, your answers (and any explanations) and our assessment and recommendations. Use this report as a simple overview of points of interest in the area of privacy compliance within your organization.  



From now on, it is possible to set a deadline for Systems and Processings in the register of processing activities. Use deadlines to communicate within your team when you want them to (re)inventory their Systems and/or Processing.

Setting a deadline is done by clicking on the name of a System or Processing and then clicking on the button 'Set deadline' at the top of the page. At the same place you can indicate that a deadline has been met by clicking on the button 'Mark deadline as completed'.

When a deadline has been set for a System or Processing, it can now also be seen as a column on the overview page of all Systems / Processing. By sorting this complete list by deadline, you can see at a glance which Systems/Processes need your attention first.

Wenn für ein System oder eine Verarbeitungstätigkeit ein Termin gesetzt ist, kann dieser nun auch als Spalte auf der Übersichtsseite aller Systeme/Prozesse angezeigt werden. Durch die Sortierung dieser kompletten Liste nach Fristen sehen Sie auf einen Blick, welche Systeme/Prozesse zuerst Ihre Aufmerksamkeit benötigen.

Extension of the templates        

From now on the templates have been extended with suggestions for answering questions. This means that by using a template, you will be taken even more seriously when answering the questions correctly. When this function is available you will see the message below:

We at Privacy Company have already successfully helped companies with over 20,000 employees and a balance sheet total of up to 1 billion euros from all economic sectors, such as media, finance, housing companies, medicine, government, education, government, data processors, etc., to improve privacy in their organisation, and to reach the next level in the area of data protection. Is Privacy Nexus also an option for you? Ask for a free trial account!

Customer Success Manager