Security Awareness

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Within your organization, employees work with confidential (personal) data. Working with this data involves information security risks. How do you ensure that colleagues remain alert and safe while working with this confidential data?

What do employees learn in the Security Awareness e-learning?

This 100% online course addresses what security is and what employees themselves can do to handle data safely. The e-learning moves away from a pure technical approach and focuses on creating "security awareness" among employees at all levels of your organisation. The e-learning consists of short blocks and each block concludes with a practice quiz and the e-learning ends with a practice-based final test.

Why choose the e-learning Security Awareness?

  • You complete the Security Awareness training in just 30 minutes.
  • Clear language, understandable for everyone (NL and ENG).
  • Intermediate tests.
  • Hosting by Privacy Company or in your own Learning Management System.
  • Certificate after successful completion.
  • Insight into the number of certificates provides transparency.
  • Possibility to combine the e-learning with Privacy Awareness.

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