Why think teaching employees about privacy has to be boring? The Privacy Awareness E-Learning is a training that is entertaining, takes little time and yet makes your organisation quickly and effectively privacy aware. Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to privacy-aware employees.

What do employees learn in the Privacy Awareness e-learning?

This 100% online course addresses what privacy is and what employees themselves can do to handle personal data safely. The e-learning moves away from a legal approach and focuses on creating "privacy awareness" among employees at all levels of your organisation. The e-learning consists of short blocks with fun animations, videos and infographics. Each block concludes with a practice quiz and the e-learning ends with a practice-based final test.

Why choose the e-learning Privacy Awareness?

  • You complete the Privacy Awareness training in just 30 minutes.
  • Clear language, understandable for everyone, so no legal jargon (NL and ENG).
  • Interactive content with intermediate tests.
  • Hosting by Privacy Company or in your own Learning Management System.
  • Certificate after successful completion.
  • Insight into the number of certificates provides transparency for GDPR compliance.
  • Possibility to combine the e-learning with Security Awareness.


Do you have specific wishes regarding the look & feel of the e-learning? Or would you like to add your organization specific policies to the content? Customization is available for a fee. We love to tell you more about it!

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