When organizations plan something new that could impact people's privacy a lot, they need to do a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment). It's like a careful check of how things work to find and fix privacy risks. Our DPIAs are thorough, looking at both the obvious stuff and the technical details.

How we work?

We team up with you, figure out what needs checking, make a plan, and share our findings with you along the way. We spot privacy risks and suggest ways to handle them, talking to your Data Protection Officer if you have one. We believe a DPIA should be a deep dive, not just a quick list. It should also teach your organization new things. Sometimes, we talk about what we find or run workshops during the DPIA. We're neutral, so we don't push for a particular result. We perform objective and factual research. That's important for serious DPIAs.

Why us?

We've done lots of DPIAs, from big services like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google to specific things our clients do. We cover both the rules and the tech side, making sure what's on paper matches what's happening for real. We've found interesting stuff and helped our clients fix problems and do better.

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