The Privacy Officer takes care of privacy rules, making sure personal information is handled correctly and following the right policies. There is a lot of work to do in most organisations and the Privacy Officer is the person who on a daily basis does this work.

How we work

With our Privacy Officer service we know that situations are different for every organization. Maybe you need a bit of temporary help for some days a week during a short period or maybe you need a lot of help during a longer period. Depending on your wishes we look for the best solution. Our Privacy Officer service provides tailored solutions—whether you require temporary assistance for a few days a week or ongoing support. We prioritize efficiency by spreading workload among multiple experts and offering access to our team's extensive knowledge. We're here to efficiently handle your privacy tasks, drawing from our team's experience in implementing GDPR and running awareness programs. We believe in working together to achieve meaningful results for your organization. Whether you require additional capacity or simply need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Why us?

We have a lot of experience as Privacy Officer in many organisations. We implemented the GDPR in many places, built and implemented privacy frameworks and ran awareness programs. We know what is needed as a Privacy Officer and we can draw from our combined experience.

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