Introduction to the GDPR

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Uncertain about the GDPR's ins and outs? In our 'Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)' training, we equip you with the correct knowledge of the legal framework and provide insight into how the rules apply to your organization.

What We Will Do

Nearly all organizations routinely handle personal data, raising the increasingly common question: what's allowed and what's not? In this training, participants engage in discussions about the significance of data protection, while the trainer offers an overview of the legal framework and practical guidelines for processing personal data in your day-to-day work. We tailor the training to your organization's specific learning needs.

What You Will Learn

After this training, you'll have a command of key terms such as (special) personal data, data processing, data subject, data controller, and data processor. You'll be able to describe and apply GDPR principles related to personal data. Additionally, you'll gain an understanding of data subject rights and how to inform them. You'll also learn about various aspects of GDPR accountability and develop the skills to analyze and resolve simple privacy issues within your organization.

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