Impact Assessments

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Data protection begins with risk identification for data subjects. One key tool for this is the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), helping to minimize risks associated with processing personal data. With the rise of AI and algorithms, new risks emerge, leading to the development of additional impact assessments like the Fundamental Rights and Algorithms Impact Assessment (FRAIA) and Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA). In practice, navigating through these frameworks involves selecting the most relevant assessment for your situation and understanding how they are interconnected.

What We Will Do

In this hands-on training, led by our highly experienced privacy advisors, you'll learn how to approach the execution of all these assessments, the ‘IA’s’. We'll take you through the process from the moment of assessing a specific situation to evaluating the risks and ultimately reporting on these risks and the corresponding measures. If you wish, you can also work on a practical example.

What You Will Learn

After completing this training, you'll be well-prepared to carry out a right assessment for your organization. You'll be familiar with the prerequisites for all the IA’s and understand the circumstances in which it's mandatory. Moreover, you'll be able to assess and explain risks in data processing and know how to address remaining risks. This training equips you with the skills to independently or collaboratively conduct the assessment(s) with your colleagues and allows you to identify weaknesses in your organization's existing DPIA process.

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