Data Protection Officer

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A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is someone who makes sure a company follows the privacy rules. They advise on privacy issues and handle requests about personal data. Sometimes it is obligated to appoint a DPO.

How we work

We start by understanding your specific situation. How mature is your organization? What are your key risks? Which people already work in the field of work and how much availability do they have? Where does your organisation want to go and which risks are they willing to take? Based on this information we make a proposal and then provide the service accordingly, including the registration at the Data Protection Authority. After six months we evaluate and adjust if needed.

We think the DPO sometimes needs to be strict, but also needs to be an addition to the organisation. If you only want to do window dressing we are not interested. And if you expect that our DPO only says no and blocks all development you are wrong. We think along and if something is a no we try to find a yes within the boundaries of the law. And of course in the end your organisation decides on the actions that they take. In that case you take an informed risk. We do like to explain our decisions and communicate the reasons behind those. This way people learn and a lot of time in the future is saved. We are independent, which is a strong benefit for this role. When possible we are close, when needed we have sufficient distance in our decision making. Our DPO’s have direct contact with all our legal, organizational and technical experts. A DPO is a very broad role and having a helpdesk of experts in your backpocket is a blessing.

Why us

We  are DPO at many places, both in companies and government organisations. We normally stay for long periods of time as customers tend to be very happy about our DPO service. We can of course also provide temporary replacement when your current DPO has a temporary absence.  In our experience there are often good reasons to appoint an external DPO, e.g. specialized expertise, independency, availability.

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