Motivating employees to be privacy-conscious: the benefit of E-learning

October 31, 2023
In an era when the use of data is central to business and society at large, a considerable responsibility rests on the shoulders of privacy officers and security officers. One of the most crucial tasks is to encourage privacy-conscious working among employees. This is not always easy.In this blog, I explain which motivational strategies you can use within your organisation to equip colleagues with the necessary knowledge about what privacy-friendly working means.

How do you motivate and encourage employees to work privacy-consciously?

  • Make it 'personal' by addressing employees in awareness campaigns by using examples from the private sphere. Or ask 'how would you feel if it happened to you'. In this way, you prevent privacy issues from remaining a 'compliance or legal thingy' for you as privacy or security officer.
  • Involve employees in privacy initiatives to feel involved. Make them understand that privacy protection is a shared responsibility and that they can play a (pro)active role and thus make an impact. Let employees give their own input and involve them in the development of data protection best practices. This increases their involvement and sense of ownership.
  • Encourage good behaviour by rewarding and recognising employees who are actively committed to privacy protection. Rewards can range from certificates to the famous chocolate bars. Show all employees how privacy-friendly behaviour contributes to the organisation's reputation and competitiveness.
  • Learn from your mistakes and involve employees in handling privacy incidents. This helps them understand how their actions can help prevent future incidents. Do this, for example, by bringing a concrete incident or data breach to the attention of colleagues and providing practical guidance on how to prevent them in the future.

The benefits of e-learning to boost employee privacy awareness

When employees understand why privacy and information security is important, it leads to more responsible handling of (personal) data. Our e-learnings 'Privacy Awareness' and 'Security Awareness' offer an effective and fun way to teach everyone in the organisation what privacy and security means and what they themselves can do to handle sensitive data safely.

The e-learning can be customized to the specific needs of your organisation, making the content relevant and imaginative. By using interactive video, quizzes and real-life examples, it increases employee engagement and reinforces understanding.

The choice to prioritise privacy awareness is for many organisations an investment that goes beyond legal and regulatory compliance. It is a strategic decision that protects the organisation's reputation, improves risk management and empowers employees to respond appropriately. Our e-learning is an effective tool that helps with this and enables your organisation to cut costs while complying with GDPR data protection requirements.

Anne Martine