Privacy Company relaunches in-person IAPP trainings

September 9, 2021

It’s Tuesday 3th of March 2020 on the second CIPP/E training day. I peek on my cellphone during the coffee break, since it has been vibrating vividly. Breaking news: the first COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Berlin. 

We finish the course throughout the day. It feels a little strange walking back home, not knowing what to make of it or what changes to expect. Except for those changes probably to be substantial.

In May 2019, Privacy Company ran the first IAPP training session in Berlin. This session was soon to be followed by a series of trainings in the CIPP/E and CIPM tracks of International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). With participants from listed companies, consultancy companies, pharmaceutical companies, banks, and online tech businesses, we’ve always enjoyed the lively interactions during the courses - next to working our way through the certification materials in English and German. Until it all came to a pause in March 2020.

Almost one year and half later, fortunately the world is in a different place again. We are very excited to literally re-open our doors for another series of IAPP trainings. Anouk (CIPP/E trainer): “I like to enthuse participants by using lively, unusual or evocative examples. The very best part of the trainings is the interaction and contact with the participants. I’m looking forward very much to be teaching the trainings in person again, after all the computer-based trainings. This makes it even more fun to do!” 

Upcoming training sessions will be on 1 & 2 November (CIPP/E) and 3 & 4 November (CIPM). These sessions will be tough by Anouk and Erwin in English in the Mindspace Krausenstraße. We have planned a nice surprise in order to welcome back the training participants. Privacy Company is looking forward to training days

Director Germany