Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support

Hands on coaching for DPO's

Your organisation may have appointed an internal DPO. The role of DPO may be (relatively) new to this person and organisation, and gaining the required knowledge and skills is not always a straightforward aspect. Support or coaching to grow in the role, develop skills and knowledge, and being able to reflect upon or discuss practical issues is very helpful to get started.
The DPO support is meant to help the DPO with making the right legal assessments, following the right procedures and processes within the organisation. With your DPO coach at Privacy Company, there is always someone to do the sparring with. This way the DPO remains involved in all matters concerning the protection of personal data within the organisation. Ultimately, the goal of coaching is to ensure privacy in a sustainable way within the organisation.

Our approach

  • Get support for the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to act as the internal supervisor for your organisation as required by the GDPR in the form of individual coaching
  • Make your role as a DPO count, with independent support
  • If desired, we can kick start your DPO with an (individual) Crash Course

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of Privacy Company’s highly experienced DPO’s
  • Speed up your learning curve by onboarding support from highly experienced DPO’s
  • Create dedicated support in positioning andbuilding the DPO role in your organisation
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