ePrivacy Scan

ePrivacy Scan

Check and advice on ePrivacy compliance

Your organization has a website with cookies. You probably also send newsletters to your customers, and you use web forms to let your customers interact with customer service, or subscribe to events. You use social media to advertise your products and services. Are you sure that your current privacy statement addresses all the requirements from the ePrivacy Directive and forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation? We are ready to help you to review your privacy statement, draft a good cookie statement and help you implement a mechanism to obtain valid, granular, consent where that is necessary.
The ePrivacy Scan helps you to get a clear overview of the cookies and similar technologies you use in your digital communication channels and its compliance. The scan includes a legal and a technical check. Legally, we check whether your privacy statement adequately covers the use of cookies and your use of social media and ad networks for advertising. We can offer suggestions to improve your privacy statement and help you draft a separate cookie statement. Technically, we will check whether you actually develiver as promised. We will give you practical advice on how to implement granular consent for the tracking cookies you want to use.

Our approach

  • Have your website, privacy and cookie statement tested against current and likely future ePrivacy rules
  • We test the technical performance of your online platforms, e.g. the website, social media and newsletter, against current and likely future ePrivacy rules
  • Learn how to implement the correct settings for your online platforms
  • If desired, we can upgrade your online privacy documentation and give guidance for the correct technical settings of your platforms

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of Privacy Company’s highly experienced legal and technical experts
  • Onboard our unique combination of skills for technical testing against legal requirements
  • Get your clear and hands-on advice to become ePrivacy complaint
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