GDPR Implementation

GDPR Implementation

Demonstrate your compliance

As an organisation you must be able to demonstrate compliance with privacy legislation. The GDPR requires you to proactively secure personal data and to be able to demonstrate accountability. Embedding data protection in your organisation, and securing accountability, is therefore key.
With our step-by-step approach for privacy implementation you will make privacy a structural part of your daily business and you can become privacy compliant in a structural way. We will advise and guide you on what is needed to meet all the requirements when processing personal data. We can help you with a wide range of activities, varying from setting up policies, documentation, processes, creating awareness, building your record of data processing activities and performing audits. As a result, you will have a clear plan and measurable steps to demonstrate how your organisation implements privacy and works towards compliance.

Our approach

  • We will start with defining your privacy ambitions, to define priorities and specific building blocks that need to be implemented
  • We will set up a detailed plan to implement everything needed to meet your privacy ambitions
  • Together we will work on detailing the needed policies, procedures, the record of data processings, etc
  • Together we will make sure that we hand over to the business to secure structural compliance

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge to detail the building blocks for your privacy ambition and GDPR implementation
  • Define the priorities and hands on solutions with our experienced privacy experts
  • Create more control and peace of mind for staying GDPR compliant
  • Combine a privacy and information security implementation traject for a broad approach
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