GDPR Quick Scan

GDPR Quick Scan

Define your privacy compliance level

You understand the importance of privacy. Not only is the protection of data required by law, it is also increasingly recognized as a unique selling point to build customer trust. But how well is this arranged within your organisation? What is the state of affairs with regard to the GDPR? Which processes, documentation and compliance checks are already present and sufficient in your organisation? And to what extent does your register of processing activities comply?
With our GDPR Quick Scan, we assess in depth to what extent your organisation has documents, processes, procedures and the PDCA-cyclus (Plan Do Check Act) in place to comply with the GDPR. We provide you with a clear overview of the status of the performance of your organisation for the GDPR requirements.

Our approach

  • We will do the privacy assessment of your organisation with a series of in depth interviews with internal stakeholders.
  • Our assessment takes the new ISO 27701 norm for privacy management into account.
  • We look at all available privacy related documentation and information in your organisation.
  • You will receive a report containing the overview of findings, recommendations, and a listing of priorities.
  • The results can be presented in a meeting with your board and/or the main privacy stakeholders.
  • The results are the starting point for the implementation of GDPR controls to avoid privacy risks.

Why Privacy Company?

-       Tap into the knowledge of experienced privacyprofessionals to define your organisations privacy level

-       Define the priorities and hands on solutions withour privacy experts

-       Create more control on staying GDPR compliant

-       Combine your quick scan for privacy and security

-       We can also help you to implement the GDPR prioritiesfor your organisation

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