Information Security Awareness Campaign

Information Security Awareness Campaign

Make Information Security part of your DNA

Within your organisation, employees work with confidential (personal) data. Working with this data entails information security risks. How do you ensure that employees remain alert and safe with this confidential information during their work? The answer is awareness. Information security is a combination of people and technology. That is why the GDPR and the information security standards require that you make awareness accountable.
Together we will set up a tailor-made awareness programme that fits in with the state of affairs within your organisation and fits every employee. With our awareness program you will continuously pay attention to the challenges and the approach for information security within your organisation. As a result, you will keep your employees structurally aware and competent, and you work together to create a safe and resilient environment.

Our approach

  • By paying structural attention to information security, knowledge grows and information security becomes part of the culture of your organisation
  • We evaluate the internal knowledge and awareness of information security as a starting point
  • We make all employees playfully aware of the risks of information security in their dailywork and how to treat it safely
  • We can do this by means of posters, interactive games, boomerang cards, narrow casting,e-learning and presentations, easy to adopt to your own corporate identity

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of our passionate & leading experts to make information security practical and accessible for all your employees
  • Experienced with awareness programs on information security and data protection
  • Broad portfolio of knowledge, training and e-learning available to offer appropriate customization
  • Information security and privacy can be combined in one single programme
InfoSec awareness campaign; information security awareness campaign