Information Security Maturity Scan

Information Security Maturity Scan

Create insight and avoid security risks

Based on the GDPR and information security standards, the information within your organisation must be protected. But is this process already running like clockwork or is there still room for improvement or do you currently have security risks with potential negative consequences? By gaining more insight into how 'mature' your organisation is in the field of information security, you will be able to move on to the desired maturity level and avoid security risks.
We help you to get a quick assessment of the maturity of your Information Security. We evaluate the organisational aspects (policies, procedures, processes, awareness) and the technical aspects (applications, infrastructure, security measures). Soon you will know which measures you have arranged well within your organisation and which measures you still need to take. The Maturity Information Security Scan helps you to take the next steps to reach towards the desired maturity level. As a result your organisation works efficiently and effective on avoiding information security risks.

Our approach

  • We start with an extensive questionnaire and interviews to gain insight into the ‘maturity’ state of information security within your organisation
  • We evaluate the results against the appropriate information security standards for your organisation. For example: ISO 27001, ISO 27002, BIO, NEN 7510 and NSCS.
  • You will receive a tailor-made report with an overview of conclusions, recommendations and priorities
  • The results are the starting point for the implementation of technical and organisational measures to avoid security risks

Why Privacy Company?

  • Use the knowledge of experienced information security professionals to determine thematurity of your organisation
  • Together with information security experts, determine the priorities and appropriate measures to further improve the level of your organisation and/or prevent negative impact of security risks
  • Combine the maturity scan for privacy and security to simultaneously implement improvements and avoid risks

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