Information Security Officer (ISO) as a Service

Information Security Officer (ISO) as a Service

Assign an external ISO

It can be quite a challenge for an organisation to keep an eye on and control the security risks of the organisation. In most organisations, an Information Security Officer (ISO) is appointed who coordinates all activities related to the continuous process of information security. But you might have a temporary shortage of such an officer, or you might not yet have or want a structural, internal solution for this.
Privacy Company provides you with an external ISO: an ISO as a service. The ISO role will be fulfilled by one of Privacy Company’s consultants with years of information security experience. During holidays or absence, there will always be a backup provided from the Privacy Company team.

Our approach

  • Our external Information Security Officer(ISO) acts as the internal supervisor for your organisation as required by theinformation security standards
  • The ISO monitors the progress ofthe information security and makes adjustments if necessary
  • The ISO will inform and advise about yourorganisations’ obligations pursuant to the information security risks and therisk reducing measures your organisation need to take
  • The ISO will monitor compliance in linewith the information security standards
  • The ISO can report directly to the highestmanagement level
  • The ISO will work together with the DataProtection Officer and/or Privacy Officer of your organisation

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of Privacy Company’s highly experienced ISO’s
  • Hit the ground running by onboarding hands-on information security experience in organisations across all sorts of industries
  • Mitigate risks of your ISO availability with the fallback option to a whole team of experienced ISO’s at Privacy Company
  • Onboard years of experience with implementing and using information standards
  • Our ISO’s also have knowledge of the GDPR, so they are a good conversation partner for the DPO and/or the PO of your organisation
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