Information Security Risk Assessment

Information Security Risk Assessment

Get a grip on the information security risks within your organisation

Do you know what is the chance that your organisation will have to deal with certain information security risks? What is the chance that your organisation gets hacked, a DDoS attack, malware, viruses or user errors? And what is the impact of these risks on your organisation? Create more peace of mind by getting more insight and a grip on your internal and external organisations security risks.
We help you to clarify the actual information security risks within and outside your organisation. With our risk-based questions we stimulate your organisation to reflect on the information security. Risks that you may not have thought of before are part of the discussion. We prepare a clear report with an overview of the actual risks for your organisation. With this you know exactly which measures you must take to "manage" these risks.

Our approach

  • Wework with an interactive and structured approach, such as workshops or interviews.
  • Togetherwith your organisation, we discuss the internal and external risks thatthreaten information security.
  • Youwill receive a tailor-made report with an overview of conclusions,recommendations and priorities.
  • Theresults are the starting point for the implementation of technical and organisational  measures to reduce the risks

Why Privacy Company?

  • Make use of the broad and hands on knowledge and experience available within Privacy Company.
  • Get the tools to work on information security proactively instead of reactively
  • Anticipate the negative consequences for your organisation and/or the person involved in a timely manner by proactively tackling information security risks
  • We can also help you to implement the technical and organisational measures to reduce the risks
infosec risk assessment; ISO 27001 risk assessment; BIO risk assessment; NEN 7510 risk assessment;