Information Security Strategy

Information Security Strategy

Achieve your security goals

Due to increasing information security threats and stricter requirements from the GDPR and information security standards, security is higher on the agenda. It’s important to ensure that information security strategies are not reactive and that’s in line with business activities. But how do you set your strategic goals in such a way that it enables you to make justified decisions on how your organisation protects (personal) data? How do you effectively prepare for future privacy and security compliance taking into account technological developments and increasing security risks?
We help you with defining your Information Security Strategy. The strategy reflects your goals and ambitions within the context of information security. An effective and successful information security program that is built not just on knowledge of the relevant information security risks and how to reduce them, but also with the experience that comes through dealing with the specific challenges within your industry.

Our approach

  • We start with an interactive workshop with internal information security stakeholders
  • We will draft an information security strategy document based on the input from the workshop
  • Together we will work on alignment with your stakeholders
  • You have your Information Security Strategy ready to be confirmed on boardroom level

Why Privacy Company?

  • Onboard strategic information security knowledge in your organisation
  • Get a multidisciplinary view on security challenges
  • Create cross functional commitment on your security strategy
  • You can combine an information security strategy with a privacy strategy for a broad approach for data protection
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