Internal Privacy Audit

Internal Privacy Audit

Test your compliance

The GDPR requires organisations to demonstrate compliance. But do you know whether you actually have effective controls in place? An internal Privacy Audit provides a thorough examination of whether your organisation is following good data protection practice. It is a robust check to see whether your policies still fit your purposes and whether your procedures adequately support your data protection obligations. For a DPO, this is an instrument to structurally get oversight of the privacy status in your organisation.
With our Privacy Audit we examine whether you are following data protection legislation that applies for your organization. The audit helps and supports your organization in meeting your data protection obligations, but also helps in understanding them. With a clear and comprehensive report, we will make recommendations on how to improve: an opportunity for your employees to discuss relevant data protection issues with our Privacy Professionals and our audit team, before the authorities drop by.

Our approach

  • We start by reviewing privacy policies, procedures, compliance checks and interviews with stakeholders
  • We evaluate your organisation against your privacy policy, privacy legislations and the new ISO 27701 privacy management standard
  • You will receive a tailor-made report with an overview of conclusions, recommendations and priorities

Why Privacy Company?

  • Get audited by experienced privacy and GPDR experts
  • Receive immediate feedback on the privacy compliance of your organisation
  • Integrate the internal privacy and security audit for an efficient and broad approach on data protection
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