International Data Transfer

International Data Transfer

Clear company wide guidelines

The exchange of personal data outside the European Economic Area requires a legal basis. It can be hard to decide how to arrange the legal transfer of data as efficient and legally secure as possible. Would you prefer standard contractual clauses (SCC), binding corporate rules (BCR) or does an adequacy decision apply? Or do you want to apply for Privacy Shield Framework?
We help you to determine the preferred legal basis for international data transfers. We help you if paperwork is needed to arrange for the exchange. We can also help with the drafting of documents or applications at institutions or data protection authorities.

Our approach

  • We will start gathering the relevant information
  • We will evaluate the options
  • We will draft an easy to understand advice with the options and suggestions for next steps
  • After you have decided your preference, we will help you with all legal formalities

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of Privacy Company’s highly experienced senior DPO’s
  • Hit the ground running by onboarding hands-on GDPR experience with International Data Transfers
  • Onboard years of experience with alignment with the Data Protection Authorities (DPA)
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