Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

Get ahead with Privacy by Design

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy by Design (or Data Protection by Design) is explicitly required when processing personal data. Privacy by Design means that when developing (new) products and services, organisations pay attention to protecting personal data as early as possible. By incorporating privacy protection measures at the start of the development process, compliance with privacy regulations can be secured in an early stage and costs are saved because these measures do not have to be taken afterwards.
We help you to implement Privacy by Design according to the PbD framework of Privacy Company in your development and evaluation process. It helps you to always find the right technical or organisational measures that take into account the state of the art data protection measures, the implementation costs and the nature and scope of the processing. In addition, we give substance to these measures with clear, supporting documentation and together we ensure the right organisational measures.

Our approach

  • We define theprocessing activity and its impact without existing measures
  • We structurally guide you through privacy design options and allow for choices tobe made depending on what’s most appropriate in relation to the system orservice you are developing
  • We advise you on the required data protection measures and the residual risk
  • The results can be presented in a meeting with your stakeholder

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of leading privacy by design experts
  • Combined legal and technical knowledge
  • Define hands on data protection measures to stay compliant
  • Create more peace of mind by structurally taking privacy into account in your design process
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