Privacy Designer: The Game

Privacy Designer: The Game

Learn while playing

The GDPR requires organisations to put appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to safeguard individual rights and to implement data protection principles. But how do you let stakeholders understand the data protection risks that are involved in their daily work? And how do you create knowledge that lingers, or lasting insights that have an impact on the design of your services? Preferably in a playful way, of course.
We offer you Privacy Designer: The game. This interactive board game provides you the structured way to think about how to integrate data protection into your processing activities and business practices. The team is guided through all data protection solution strategies, from the design stage right through the lifecycle. As a result, nothing can be overlooked. It offers you insights in the privacy trade-offs that are (unconsciously) made in your organisation and a very playful approach towards dealing with the GDPR obligation for data protection by design.

Our approach

  • Together we plan an interactive session, for half a day up to a full day, for privacy by design stakeholders in your organisation
  • We will guide you trough the game, and make sure it will create the insights for dealing with data protection by design
  • You will receive a debrief of the results and recommendations to make the next steps for data protection by design

Why Privacy Company?

  • Based on the award winning Privacy Designer webapp
  • Facilitated by experienced data protection expert

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