Privacy Maturity Scan

Privacy Maturity Scan

Define the privacy maturity of your organisation

How well are data protection processes embedded in your organisation. Does it feel like you reached your first milestone or is data protection already part of the DNA of your organisation. If you experience that privacy questions can result in paralysing your organisation, then it can be a real eye opener to evaluate the privacy maturity of your organisation. As a result you can give more targeted guidance to your organisation to improve privacy maturity.
With our Privacy Maturity Scan we assess to which extent privacy compliance is secured in your organisation. Based on a process and behaviour model we address your risks and areas of improvement. The privacy maturity scan is a good start to assess the level of privacy maturity and plan for further improvements and steps to be taken.

Our approach

  • We will do the privacy maturity scan with a series of indepth interviews with internal stakeholders
  • We use all available privacy related documentation and information in your organisation
  • You will receive a report containing the overview offindings, recommendations, and a listing of priorities
  • The report contains a scaling of the findings along the lines of the privacy maturity model
  • The results can be presented in a meeting with yourboard and/or the main privacy stakeholders

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into the knowledge of experienced privacyprofessionals to define your organisations privacy maturity
  • Define the priorities for bringing your organisations’ privacy maturity to the next level
  • Combine your maturity scan for privacy and security
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