Record of Data Processing Activities

Record of Data Processing Activities

Document your activities to show accountability

Following article 30 of the GDPR, most organisations are required to maintain a record of their data processing activities, covering areas such as processing purposes, data sharing and retention. Not only can you be required to make these records available, it can also help your data governance. But when does your documentation meet the requirements? And what can be considered best practices?
We support you with setting up or improving your records of Data Processings, we help your organization with the right level of detail and provide you with a deeper understanding on how to make a correct and useful record of data processing activities in practice.

Our approach

  • We start by defining all GDPR required information of your systems and data processing activities
  • We provide you with guidance for the right level of detail to set up your register
  • We can assist you in maintaining your register correctly, so it will be easier to keep it up to date and reflect on your current processing activities

Why Privacy Company?

  • Tap into our in depth experience for setting up your state of the art register of data processing activities
  • We support you to set up and embed the maintenance of your register of data processings well across your organisation
  • As a result you can demonstrate your accountability with one integrated, compliant and central record of data processing activities
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