Privacy by Design and Default

Privacy by Design and Default

The GDPR requires organizations to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to implement the principles of data protection and to protect individual privacy rights. You should think about this before introducing a new product or service, from the design phase up to and including the end of its life cycle. We call this Privacy by Design (and Default). But how do you implement Privacy by Design and Default? When do you meet these requirements? And how do you meet the requirement of accountability?
In the training 'Privacy by Design and Default' we will briefly discuss the most important principles of the GDPR and we will focus on what Privacy by Design is all about. You will be given practical tips on how to get started with Privacy by Design and we will help you to apply this in practice.

After this training:

  1. You can describe the principles of Privacy by Design and Default;
  2. You can explain and substantiate who is responsible for compliance with these rules;
  3. You are familiar with concepts such as proactivity, default settings, positive sum, full lifecycle protection, openness and focusing on the user;
  4. You are able to apply design according to Privacy by Design and Default within your organisation (using the tool: Privacy Designer).




The training includes

GDPR, Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default, appropriate technical and organizational measures, principles of data protection.

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