Privacy for buyers

Privacy for buyers

The GDPR requires an agreement about privacy between data controllers and processors. This agreement must meet various requirements. But who is responsible for what? And what does such an agreement contain?
In the 'privacy for purchasers' training course, we explain in an accessible and practical way what the different responsibilities and liabilities are, so that they know what should be included in the agreement.

After this training:

  1. You are familiar with the relevant key concepts from the GDPR;
  2. You can substantiate when a data processing agreement is needed and explain why an agreement is important;
  3. You can specify what should be included in this agreement, including the terms and conditions;
  4. You are able to describe the responsibilities and liabilities of the parties when hiring a processor;
  5. You know what responsibilities and obligations processors have;
  6. You can assess the main elements of a data processing agreement and assess the risks.




The training includes

data processing agreements; dpa;

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