Privacy for Works Councils

Privacy for Works Councils

The Works Council plays a crucial role in the protection of employee's rights. Under the Works Councils Act, the employer also has obligations in the area of data protection. For example, an employer must ask the Works Council's approval if tools are (unintentionally) used to monitor employees, such as the use of GPS in vehicles or the use of cameras. But how does it work if you are a member of the Works Council?
In the 'privacy for works councils' training course, we explain in which cases the Works Council's right of consent applies and what the role and obligations of the employer are. On the basis of example cases, we will practice with each other in order to be able to ask the right questions to the employer in order to solve the cases.

After this training:

  1. You can describe the rights and obligations under the Works Councils Act that are important for data protection;
  2. You can recognise the use of employees' personal data, including regulations and personnel monitoring systems;
  3. You can assess the consequences for the privacy of employees;
  4. You can ask the employer critical questions about the processing of employees' personal data;
  5. You can make a responsible and well-founded decision on proposals that affect the privacy of employees;
  6. You can better represent the interests of employees.




The training includes

Privacy, Works Council.

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