Privacy Management

Privacy Management

'Is your organisation privacy compliant?' You often hear this question. But when are you privacy compliant and how can you demonstrate this? Privacy compliance is not a one-time checklist. It concerns the design of the privacy organisation, internal and external communication about privacy, the establishment of your register of processing activities and keeping it up to date, in other words: privacy management.
Privacy management is not an explicit definition in the GDPR, but there are requirements regarding accountability, liability and transparency. In the training 'Privacy management,' we will work with these GDPR requirements and what ( control)measures you need to take to ensure that you can say 'Yes' to the question of whether your organisation is privacy compliant.

After this training:

  1. You are familiar with the GDPR's obligations in the area of accountability;
  2. You know how to give form and substance to the various obligations within your organisation;
  3. You know how you can control the processing of personal data within your organisation and how to deal with data breaches?
  4. You are able to fulfil the roles and tasks of the various stakeholders within your privacy organisation.




The training includes

Privacy Management, Governance, Accountability.

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