Supervision and Enforcement

Supervision and Enforcement

Supervision and enforcement of the GDPR is not only carried out by national (independent) supervisors, such as the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, but also by internal supervisors in the context of compliance. The Data Protection Officer is a good example of this. But who is who in this landscape? What are the tasks, responsibilities and enforcement options?
In the 'Supervision and Enforcement' training course, we explain the different tasks, roles, responsibilities and enforcement options of the various parties in the data protection landscape.

After this training:

  1. You are familiar with the supervisory framework and the (sanctioning) powers of the Data Protection Authority
  2. You can outline the areas of overlap between different stakeholders.
  3. You can indicate the value of a Data Protection Officer who supervises the application of and compliance with the GDPR within the organisation;
  4. You are able to properly position the Data Protection Officer within your own organisation;
  5. You know what to do when a supervisory authority shows on your doorstep.




The training includes

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens; GDPR; Data Protection Authority; DPA

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