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Online privacy training for large groups

Personal data, such as customer and employee data, is collected, viewed, and shared by a large number of people within your organisation. The use of these data is often necessary, but can also involve risks such as abuse, theft, or fraud. In order to reduce these risks and to ensure that your employees consciously deal with personal data, Privacy Company has developed privacy e-learning.

Privacy e-learning is a flexible solution to keep your organisation up to date with the latest developments in the field of privacy. With our online learning environment, participants follow the training at the time and location that suit them.

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Privacy training that fits

Our privacy e-learning offers a varied, interactive, and easily accessible learning solution to increase the privacy awareness of all employees. The e-learning starts with an awareness training that is suitable for the entire organisation. In addition, modules can be provided for specific areas of expertise.

In order to be demonstrably compliant with the GDPR's awareness requirements, you can easily track who has completed the privacy e-learning. The e-learning supports this with easy reporting possibilities.

Benefits of our privacy e-learning:

  • Online training from 20 to 30 minutes
  • Clear and understandable language
  • Developed by privacy professionals with practical experience
  • Quizzes and final test to assess gained knowledge
  • Reporting of internal control and monitoring capabilities
  • Customisation possible, matching your technical environment and content

The e-learning is available as a subscription. The rates for the e-learning are determined by the number of users and the chosen service package.

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