E-learning Privacy Awareness

Privacy-conscious employees make for a privacy-friendly organisation

Employees are the most important factor in protecting personal data and preventing incidents. How does your organisation ensure that privacy is always taken into account and that everyone knows how to work in a privacy friendly way?

Privacy awareness for everyone

In order to train all your employees effectively, Privacy Company has developed the Privacy Awareness e-learning. The course is 100% online and covers topics such as; 'what is privacy', and 'what  can employees do to handle personal data correctly'. The e-learning is specifically designed to avoid legal terminology and focuses on cultivating a “privacy intuition” that employees can benefit from at every level of the organisation.


Would you like an E-learning with the same look & feel as the rest of your organisation? Do you think it’s important to enrich our content with your own compliance strategy? We are happy to discuss tailor made solutions!


Our pricing is based, among other things, on the number of users that will have access to the course and various customisation options. Contact us to request a quote or further information.

Benefits of our e-learning

  • A privacy e-learning that is effective and fun

    Our course is developed for the employees of today: it consists of short learning exercises full of fun animations, interactive videos and infographics. Each exercise concludes with a practice quiz, with all exercises culminating in a final test that focuses on practical application.

  • Choose hosting that fits your organisation best

    You can choose between adding the course to yourown Learning Management System (LMS) or take advantage of Privacy Company’s learning environment.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to a privacy conscious workforce

    Our progress reports allow you to showcase that your organisation is constantly at work to improve its privacy awareness and that it makes data protection a true priority.

Interested in our E-learning?

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