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"Privacy Company performed two DPIAs for us. The report provided a clear picture of the risks and measures to betaken. With these practical recommendations we were able to start/continue processing activities."
Privacy officer
"At Freedom, we don't just want to comply with the AVG, we want to go a step further. To keep ourselves on our toes, we engaged Privacy Company from te start for help and advice. We've been working with Arnold, our external FG, for a few years now."
— Anco Scholte ter Horst
General Director
“What made the collaboration unique is that Privacy Company was able to assess what was needed to help us in a very short time, based on the Privacy Scan in Privacy Nexus. Privacy Company works very lean and mean. A number of online sessions were sufficient to get started. I can recommend Privacy Company to any organization. The employees are very knowledgeable, service-oriented and extremely pleasant to work with.”
— Cliantha ter Meer
Fund raiser
Some of our clients
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